Carpet Cleaning

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Providing professional carpet cleaning requires know-how and the right tools. But, caring is the most important ingredient for an excellent experience.

Customer Focused Professional Service

We take the time to hear your concerns and answer your questions. And, we ensure that you have the right expectations of the results before we begin your service. We give you a written quote before we begin. And, we would never try to “sell” you something that you don’t need.

Carpet & Rug Institute Certified Seal of Approval Provider

Carpet & Rug Institute Gold Certified Carpet Cleaning Equipment
CRI SOA Certified Truck-Mounted Equipment

The Best Cleaning Equipment, Products, & Methods

We use a modern state-of-the-art, high-powered truck-mounted professional cleaning system. Our system heats water like no other. And, hot water cleans better with lower moisture and chemicals. Our equipment features a powerful vacuum system. High-powered vacuum provides the deepest cleaning possible and faster drying. We are certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute. And, we are approved for warranty service by all major carpet mills.

Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Our service includes pre-treatment and spot-treatment, moving of most furnishings*, and truck-mounted steam cleaning. To insure the best results we pre-treat high traffic areas and common spots. We offer Urine Treatment at an additional cost for urine odor.

Mill Recommended Steam Carpet Cleaning

Research proves that steam cleaning (hot water extraction) is the best way to clean carpet. Carpet mills only recommend hot water extraction cleaning.

The Best Cleaning & Carpet Sanitizing with Less Chemicals & Moisture

Steam cleaning uses all of the “cleaning tools”. The cleaning tools are heat, time, agitation, and chemistry.

The “Secret Sauce” – Our Pre-Spray

We use mild and effective pre-spray agents. Our pre-sprays gently loosen deep ground-in soils and spots. We allow a certain amount of time for the pre-spray to work. The pre-spray is gently agitated into heavily soiled carpet. Agitating the pre-spray breaks down stubborn soils and spots without the need for harsh chemicals.

Powerful Extraction Picks-Up The Soils & Drys Best

Next, the dissolved soils are extracted with high-pressure hot water. Residue-free cleaning agents and a high-pressure hot water solution are sprayed into the carpet to agitate, sanitize, and extract the soils. So, our process leaves carpet sanitized, clean, and as dry as possible-without the need for added chemical sanitizers.

Steam Clean Carpet Every 6 – 12 Months

Steam cleaning of carpet at least every 18 months is required in most carpet mill warranties. But, steam cleaning is recommended at least every year. And, steam cleaning is recommended at least every 6 months in homes with pets or children.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Is A Bad Idea

You can buy or rent a carpet cleaner and try to do the work yourself. But, the costs of DIY cleaning far outweigh the benefits.

DIY Cleaning Products Are Weak & Sticky

Once you purchase or rent the machine, you need to also buy the chemicals. The chemicals offered to the consumer do not meet the same standards as professional products. Consumer cleaning chemicals leave behind heavy residues. Chemical residues on carpet trap soils. Also, DIY products are weak. Weak cleaning agents do not clean well. And, consumers over-clean or use too much chemical when the products are weak.

Consumers Lack Proper Training

Do-it-yourselfers do not have have the proper training to safely clean carpet. DIY carpet cleaning regularly leads to permanent damage.

No Weak, Dirty Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines

DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines Lack Power

Like the cleaning agents, carpet cleaning equipment comes in two classes. Cleaning equipment is either consumer or professional grade. Consumer grade equipment is low-powered. Low-powered cleaning equipment is cheap. And, weaker machines do less damage in the hands of the do-it-yourselfer. Professional equipment costs much more than consumer grade. And, professional equipment is much more powerful than DIY grade.

So, DIY carpet cleaning does a poor job. Cleaning carpet yourself is a waste of money and time. DIY cleaning leaves behind sticky residues and is likely to do more harm than good!

Truck-Mounted Systems Clean The Best

Carpet cleaning equipment also comes in two form-factors, portable and truck-mounted. Portable equipment is designed for use where a truck-mounted system can not reach the work areas. And, truck-mounted equipment is more efficient and effective than portables. So, professionals use a truck-mounted system whenever possible.

Vacuuming & Caution Are Not Enough

Carpet needs cleaning no matter how good the vacuuming. And, removing shoes helps to keep floors clean. But, Carpet collects everything. Professional cleaning removes more soils and residues than housekeeping. And, clean carpet looks better and last longer.

Dust Mites Living in a Rug

Carpet Holds Allergens & Breeds Germs

Dust and dead skin settle into carpet. Dead skin cells provide food for dust mites. Dust mite feces are a common household allergen. Carpet traps spilled food and drinks. Spilled food and drink residues provide food for germs and bacteria. The germs and bacteria growing in carpet create foul odors. And, some microbes in carpet can make us very sick.

Carpet “Cleans” Shoes, Feet, & Paws

Foot traffic adds soils, allergens, and toxins to carpet. As the saying goes in our industry, “if it’s in the yard, it’s in the carpet”. So, just about anything you can imagine accumulates in carpet. And, the soiling is much higher where pets or children are involved.