Hard Floor Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

A clean gray tile and grout floor.

We offer the absolute best way to clean tile and grout, state-of-the-art high-powered truck-mounted extraction. Unlike the old mop and bucket, our system uses extremely hot high-pressure water to safely lift and extract soils–leaving your tile and grout as clean and dry as possible.

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process Includes

  • Thorough pre-inspection to determine your specific needs
  • Safe and highly-effective pre-treatment to loosen even the toughest ground-in soils
  • High-powered extraction cleaning to completely extract the soils and rinse water

Tile & Grout Sealing

Once your tile and grout are clean, we can seal the grout (and some tile) to help it stay cleaner, resist staining, and look fresh longer. Ask about grout sealing when you place your order.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A clean medium-brown hardwood floor.

The best way to improve the appearance of your hardwood floors and prevent damage and staining from soils is professional maintenance.

Our hardwood floor cleaning system applies a thin coat of cleaner, gently scrubs the floor, and immediately vacuum extracts the dirty water–in one pass. Our system tackles even the toughest soils–leaving your hardwood floors clean and dry.

Hardwood Floor Gloss Coat

Once your hardwood floors are clean, we can apply a gloss coat. Our gloss coat is a light water based urethane coating. Gloss coat further revitalizes and helps to protect hardwood floors. Ask about hardwood gloss coat when you place your order.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Our Vinyl Floor Cleaning Services:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Vinyl Plank
  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
    • Stripping & Waxing – Coming Soon!

The difference between DIY maintenance cleaning and pro deep-cleaning is big. Mopping spreads dirty water and germs all over the floor. Sweeping stirs up allergens. So, regular sweeping and mopping will help vinyl floors look cleaner. But the dirt is not completely removed.

Vinyl flooring comes in range of styles and is fairly durable. Sheet vinyl flooring comes in wide rolls. Sheet vinyl can seamlessly cover the floor of a room. VCT is the shiny floor in many stores and businesses. And, it’s the most popular vinyl flooring. Vinyl plank and LVT come in planks and tiles of various sizes and shapes. Plank and LVT often resemble wood or ceramic or stone tile flooring. And, LVT may even have grouted joints. LVT with grouted joints is Tile & Grout Cleaning.

Compared to other “hard” floors–vinyl flooring is inexpensive to install and easy maintain. Sheet vinyl floors can lay over existing sub-floors with little prep. Vinyl plank floors often simply “click” together. LVT and VCT may be glued directly to the sub-floor. Vinyl flooring is more resilient than most flooring. And, it’s more water resistant than most floors.

Concrete Floor Cleaning

First, we remove any loose dry soils. Then, we apply safe and effective cleaners to break-down soils and spots. If heavily soiled and spotted, we will scrub the concrete with a machine. Finally, we rinse and vacuum extract the soils and cleaners with water. Compared to mopping, which just spreads the soils around, our process picks-up the water. And unlike power-washing, our tidy system contains the over-spray and waste water. So, our eco-friendly concrete floor cleaning process keeps the waste water out of the floor drains and the storm sewers.

Concrete is a very common flooring material. Shop floors and basements often are made of concrete. Decorative concrete flooring is common in many office buildings and restaurants. And, designer decorative concrete flooring is found in homes.

Concrete can be stained, dyed, and stenciled to match nearly any style and décor. Special textures and imprints can be added to concrete floors to simulate tile, stone, or wood. Epoxy coatings can be applied to concrete floors for effect and added protection against damage. The epoxy can be clear or colored. Also, metal flakes, sand, or quartz may be added to epoxy for sparkle, texture, and slip-resistance. Due to the near-endless design options and durability of concrete floors, they are rapidly growing in popularity.

We clean most-all indoor concrete floors. We do not clean any outdoor flooring, including patios, driveways, and walks. Our process deep cleans bare or coated concrete. And, our system is safe, tidy, and eco-friendly. Contact us now for more info or to schedule.

Concrete Sealing

Once cleaned, we can seal concrete floors. Sealer helps to protect the concrete against water and oil-based stains. And, our sealer will not add gloss or change the look of the concrete.

Rubber Floor Cleaning

First, we remove any dry soils. If the floor is heavily soiled and spotted, we will apply a special pre-cleaner to the floor. Next, we use a professional floor machine to scrub the floor. The floor machine uses a cylindrical brush with special cleaners to deep clean and vacuum the floor in one step. This fully contained cleaning system leaves the floor clean and dry–without spreading germs and allergens.

Rubber floors are tough. Most things will just bounce off of rubber flooring without causing damage. Rubber is also water resistant. And, rubber flooring is quiet and soft underfoot. That’s why rubber flooring is found in hospitals, gyms, and cafeterias.

The qualities that make rubber a good choice for commercial flooring, make it great for some areas of the home. Rubber flooring is great in basements, the garage, playrooms, and even kitchens!

New and creative textures, colors, and patterns make rubber flooring more attractive. Rubber flooring even comes in “wood look”! Wax or polish can be applied to rubber flooring for gloss and added protection. Rubber flooring comes in tiles or sheets, and is easy to install. So, rubber flooring is making it’s way in to more and more homes.

We have a better way to clean rubber floors. Our system safely deep cleans rubber floors–without spreading dirt, allergens, and germs everywhere. So, contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a quote.