Concrete Floor Cleaning

Like any other flooring, concrete collects soils, allergens, and germs. Over time soils and spots can cause permanent staining. And, germs and allergens can make us sick. Sweeping and mopping can help concrete floors look better. But, mopping just spreads stuff around and sweeping stirs things up. But don’t worry, we offer a better concrete floor cleaning process.

First, we remove any loose dry soils. Then, we apply safe and effective cleaners to break-down soils and spots. If heavily soiled and spotted, we will scrub the concrete with a machine. Finally, we rinse and vacuum extract the soils and cleaners with water. Compared to mopping, which just spreads the soils around, our process picks-up the water. And unlike power-washing, our tidy system contains the over-spray and waste water. So, our eco-friendly concrete floor cleaning process keeps the waste water out of the floor drains and the storm sewers.

Concrete is a very common flooring material. Shop floors and basements often are made of concrete. Decorative concrete flooring is common in many office buildings and restaurants. And, designer decorative concrete flooring is found in homes.

Concrete can be stained, dyed, and stenciled to match nearly any style and décor. Special textures and imprints can be added to concrete floors to simulate tile, stone, or wood. Epoxy coatings can be applied to concrete floors for effect and added protection against damage. The epoxy can be clear or colored. Also, metal flakes, sand, or quartz may be added to epoxy for sparkle, texture, and slip-resistance. Due to the near-endless design options and durability of concrete floors, they are rapidly growing in popularity.

We clean most-all indoor concrete floors. We do not clean any outdoor flooring, including patios, driveways, and walks. Our process deep cleans bare or coated concrete. And, our system is safe, tidy, and eco-friendly. Contact us now for more info or to schedule.

Concrete Sealing

Once cleaned, we can seal concrete floors. Sealer helps to protect the concrete against water and oil-based stains. And, our sealer will not add gloss or change the look of the concrete.