Rubber Floor Cleaning

Rubber may just be the strongest and most resilient flooring made, but like all flooring, it still gets dirty. Soils, spots, and oils can penetrate rubber floors and cause permanent stains and damage. Mopping and sweeping can make the floor look better. But, sweeping kicks up allergens and spreads dust. And, mopping just spreads germs and dirt all around. Our rubber floor cleaning system cleans better than sweeping and mopping. And, our system does not spread dirt, germs, and allergens in the process.

Our Rubber Floor Cleaning Process

First, we remove any dry soils. If the floor is heavily soiled and spotted, we will apply a special pre-cleaner to the floor. Next, we use a professional floor machine to scrub the floor. The floor machine uses a cylindrical brush with special cleaners to deep clean and vacuum the floor in one step. This fully contained cleaning system leaves the floor clean and dry–without spreading germs and allergens.

Rubber floors are tough. Most things will just bounce off of rubber flooring without causing damage. Rubber is also water resistant. And, rubber flooring is quiet and soft underfoot. That’s why rubber flooring is found in hospitals, gyms, and cafeterias.

The qualities that make rubber a good choice for commercial flooring, make it great for some areas of the home. Rubber flooring is great in basements, the garage, playrooms, and even kitchens!

New and creative textures, colors, and patterns make rubber flooring more attractive. Rubber flooring even comes in “wood look”! Wax or polish can be applied to rubber flooring for gloss and added protection. Rubber flooring comes in tiles or sheets, and is easy to install. So, rubber flooring is making it’s way in to more and more homes.

We have a better way to clean rubber floors. Our system safely deep cleans rubber floors–without spreading dirt, allergens, and germs everywhere. So, contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a quote.